Chapter 6

6.0.10 Purpose of Temporary Permit.

It is recognized that there are a variety of uses which are of short term or seasonal nature, and do not require site improvements, though consideration of impacts upon neighboring properties, public safety, and the general welfare of the City are of the highest priority. This chapter establishes specific uses which are deemed to be suitable temporary uses of land and structures within the zoning districts of the City of Glendale.

6.0.20 Temporary Use.

Temporary use may include, but not be limited to construction trailers, leasing offices, temporary carnivals and fairs, parking lot sales, retail warehouse sales and seasonal sales such as Christmas tree sales and vegetable stands.

6.0.30 Authorization to Grant a Temporary Permit.

1. The City Manager/Recorder may on his/her own authority issue permits for the following:

1. Enclosures and buildings for the storage of equipment during the building of roads, structures and other development.

2. Auxiliary real estate office used for the sale of lots or houses in subdivisions.

3. Signs advertising a subdivision or tract of land or the lots therein.

4. Contractor’s job shed used in conjunction with the building of a structure, road, and similar projects.

5. Temporary carnivals and fairs which do not create adverse off-site impacts due to vehicle traffic, ingress and egress, noise, odors, vibrations, glare or lights that affect an adjoining use in a manner which is more intense than other uses allowed outright in the district

6. Parking lot sales, Christmas tree sales and vegetable stands which do not cause safety concerns due to ingress and egress.

7. Retail warehouse sales.

8. A recreational vehicle as a temporary office area for a permitted commercial or industrial use when separated by a minimum of twenty (20) feet from any permanent structure.

9. A recreational vehicle as a temporary residence during the construction of a permanent dwelling provided that a building permit has been issued for the permanent dwelling.

10. A recreational vehicle as a temporary office area for a permitted commercial or industrial use when separated by a minimum of twenty (20) feet from any permanent structure and when placed in accordance with the applicable criteria.

2. The Planning Commission may issue a permit for all other requests of a temporary nature such as portable sawmills, rock crushers and asphalt batch plants.

3. The City Manager/Recorder or the Planning Commission may refer any decision to the City Council.

4. Decisions of the City Manager/Recorder may be appealed to the Planning Commission.

5. Decisions of the Planning Commission may be appealed to the City Council.

6.0.40 Criteria for Issuing Temporary Permit.

1. Temporary permits may only be issued for structures or uses which are of a temporary nature.

2. The proposal shall be reviewed for impact on the surrounding area and adjacent properties.

3. Disposal of wastewater and trash removal shall be addressed.

4. External electrical services shall be addressed.

5. Water hookups shall be approved by the City.

6. Any conditions deemed to be necessary and reasonable for the protection and preservation of property rights and values of adjacent properties may be required.

7. A date for removal of the temporary use shall be assigned at the time that the temporary permit is issued.

8. A bond for removal and cleanup shall be issued by the applicant.

6.0.50 Application Procedure.

A request for a temporary permit shall be initiated by a property owner or his authorized agent by filing an application with the City Recorder prescribed pursuant to Sections 8.0.50 and 8.0.60. The application shall include sufficient information to aid in the understanding the nature and duration of the proposed use and its relationship to the surrounding properties. An application for temporary uses regulated by Chapter 6 shall be accompanied by the filing fee as adopted by resolution of the City Council, which is not refundable.

6.0.60 Time Limit on Permit.

Temporary permits shall be issued for a specific period of time not to exceed one year. A temporary permit renewal shall be processed as a new application in accordance with the procedures outlined within this chapter. An application for renewal of a temporary permit shall be submitted sixty days prior to expiration of the existing temporary permit.